Osorščica is the highest mountain on the island of Lošinj. Its highest peak Televrin is 588 m. Osorščica stretches from Ćunski all the way to Osor in lenght of 15 km.

 The main climbing trails start from Nerezine and Osor and for the more durable climbers it is possible to climb all the way from Ćuncki.

 In addition to Televrin, there is salso famous peak of St. Nicholas (557) is reached by path from Nerezine. At the top is a chapel of the same name and beautiful views of the nearby islands of Mali Lošinj and during sunny days Istria and more distant islands.
 In the northern part of osoršćica there is also a mountain lodge. Osoršćica is also home to many caves, the most famous of which are Vela Jama and The Cave of St. Gaudentius.