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Island Cres

Islands Cres
Apsyrtides – a historic name for the island group Cres and Losinj, which includes 36 surrounding islands and reefs.

The islands Cres (407 km , 2800 inhabitants) and Losinj ( 75 km, 8500 inhabitants) which are connected by a bridge, can be seen as one, however they are distinctly different.

Cres fascinates the visitor with its contrasting scenery. The leafy forests of the north and the pine forests in the middle of the island lead over into a stony dessert. However the south of the island contains evergreen dense forests. No wonder they can produce the delicious sage honey here.

Cres Cres

The historic capital of the island Cres is also named Cres. We recommend you visit the town loggia from the 15th century, the church of the St. Mary of the Snow, which has 3 distinct areas called ships and...

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Pogana Pogana

If you are interested in accommodation in the bay Pogana or bay Draga, click HERE

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Life Hostel Slovenia

Life Hostel Slovenia

Retreat - Rava

Retreat - Rava

Retreat WHOLENESS Mateja Tomšič Akengen & Ljubica Vitlov Boban Island Rava, from Friday, 05.07. until Thursday, 11.07.2019. Retreat of Wholeness is consisted from elements that are already by themselves a guarantee of deep transformational processes: The...

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